Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Beginings and Limbo

I has been almost a year since I last blogged...I can't believe it has been that long! But I am wanting to get back into this again. I really enjoyed it when I did do it.  My husband and I decided to make a dramatic change by moving to Colorado from Wyoming. The stupid thing about this decision was that I was 8 months pregnant. And if I can suggest any thing to a pregnant woman is that you do not ever, ever want the stress of packing up a house and trying to get your fat butt to your new location. But I did have a bright idea about all this...My parents offered to let my son and I (full blown cranky, pregnant) to stay with them until my other son was born. But money is a little tighter than I expected so we are aiming for the 9th of February. Only 7 weeks after my son was born. My 5 year old is really having a hard time with this transition. I thought to stay at my parents and then go to colorado would make it easier on seems to be the opposite. My once sweet little boy is now still sweet to everyone else, but becomes a little monster once he comes home to my parents house. And I don't think it is entirely the new baby he is having a hard time with, but the fact that his Dad isn't here. Staying here has been really nice, but I hate not having my stuff about me and I feel like I am in limbo! It's frustrating!
It's kind of funny how different pregnancies and afterwards can be. It was really funny...once I got home I was really engorged and then the next day I wasn't! I thought I had lost my milk!! I was so upset. With my first son I breast fed for 6 weeks(I was going through a divorce and just couldn't do it for very long), but my body never wanted to heal and then I was engorged the whole time. I thought that was how it was suppose to be...Rock hard boobies, so sexy! Didn't realize things went to feeling alittle normal, softness wise. To bad they wont go down a size! It seems like they just keep getting bigger! LOL!
Well that is what is happening this week. Hope your week is going well!