Monday, October 17, 2011

Craftiness and Wedding Bliss!

So, I started this new blog and only posted one post! Ha! I got a little overwhelmed with the wedding! But it couldn't have turned out more perfect. It just hit me today....I am no longer a single mother spending my nights online and working my growing tush off! My...Husband...hehe... has let me take some time off (much needed) and my son and I have never been closer and I am working on getting and keeping my house clean and organized and the Weezer (my son) is loving helping with that. I will cherish it until he grows out of that!! I have also gotten into a lot of photography blogs(I'm a wannabe! And just from that statement, can you guess how old I am! LOL!) And I have been doing one of their contests, but I haven't submitted it. I am a little bit of a chicken. I am an amateur at best compared to the professionals that follow and make these sites, but it is to much fun to take my new camera that I got for my birthday and follow along in the contest every week! This weeks is action! And Boo is my Weezers nickname from his Grandma!
Hope all is well!


  1. Love you Baby Girl and so happy you are in BLISS!

  2. I love these 2 pics! :)
    I hope the 3 of you have many happy years together..